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An Introduction to Programming for a Hacker

Published: at 04:00 AM

Hackers who have a programming knowledge albeit a beginner level gains edge over others in various aspects. However, with the vast array of programming languages available, it can be challenging to start and for a good reason i.e there are lot of programming languages and paths we can take. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of choosing your first programming language as a hacker, considering the objectives like ease of use, learning curve, tool availability. We will some of the paths which are relatively easily to get into and also has a very great community and resources available to you.

Table of contents

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Understanding the Hacker Mindset:

As hackers, our mindset should be driven by curiosity and a desire to understand how computer systems, networks, and software work. We have to enjoy exploring and uncovering vulnerabilities in order to improve security.

Programming Languages for Hacking:

Let’s explore some of the languages that are widely used within the hacking community:

Factors to Consider:

When selecting a programming language for hacking, consider the following factors:


The thought itself of learning and programming might be daunting but trust me you will learn this pretty fast. We do not need to be good at it, we just need to start first and as we progress we will learn this and get more proficient in this just like exploitation or enumeration. So, assess the factors and learn the language bit by bit.