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Unlocking your GitHub education pack - A student’s superpower

Updated: at 04:00 AM

Greetings, fellow learners! Should you have been working on code, experimenting with projects, or having ambitious tech goals, you should be aware of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. This isn’t just another collection of freebies; it’s a gold mine of resources that can help you go beyond class assignments to prepare for your dream job. Let’s explore how to obtain this fantastic pack and utilize all of its capabilities to hack your way to tech glory.

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Getting Your Hands on the Pack

  1. Sign Up or Sign In: Head over to the GitHub Education Pack page. Make sure you’re logged in with your GitHub account. If you don’t have one yet, now’s the time to create it. Think of it as your future coding resume!
  2. Prove You’re a Student: Click the “Get your pack” button. You will have to prove your student status with either a school-issued email or by uploading your student ID.
  3. Wait for Approval: Your application will be reviewed, which usually takes about a week. It’s worth the wait, so hang tight!
  4. Start Exploring: Once approved, you’ll get immediate access to a huge lineup of premium tools and services, all free.

Making the Most of It: Key Resources in the Pack

  1. GitHub Pro: This is the crown jewel, offering unlimited private repositories, advanced collaboration features, and more. Great for group projects or personal work that you’re not ready to share publicly.
  2. Domain Name: Grab a free domain name with Namecheap to build your personal brand or set up a portfolio showcasing your skills. Use this to make all your projects on web with a custom domain so that it looks professional.
  3. Design Software: Access premium design tools like Canva and Figma. Perfect for crafting user-friendly interfaces or making slick graphics for your next pitch deck.
  4. Cloud Computing Credits: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and DigitalOcean are just a few of the cloud computing platforms that offer credits to students. Host your next web app, try out server-side scripts, or experiment with machine-learning models.
  5. JetBrains IDE Suite: If you are a fan of IDE’s, you will have access to all the IDE’s in JetBrains IDE Suite (PyCharm, IntelliJ, WebStorm and many more.)
  6. Developer Tools: Experiment with Docker containers, set up continuous integration with GitHub Actions, or learn web development with free courses from Frontend Masters.
  7. Collaboration Tools: Need to manage your tasks? Use tools like Trello and Notion to organize your workflow and stay on top of deadlines.
  8. Learning Resources: Hone your skills with free access to educational platforms like Educative and DataCamp.

Pro Tips for Ultimate Impact

Wrapping It Up

The GitHub Student Developer Pack isn’t just a bunch of free tools; it’s a golden ticket to explore, build, and learn like a pro. Whether you’re diving into a personal project, collaborating on a group assignment, or gearing up for internships, this pack has everything you need to level up.

So, fellow student, what will you build with your new superpowers? The tech world is your playground—let’s see what you can create!

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